Every Fashion Week brings a wondrous display of originality and true creativity, but so often it can feel like we’ve seen all this shit before. How many times have designers told Style.com or GQ in an interview that they looked to dads, military uniforms, varsity sports apparel, the ’20s, punk, the “rock ‘n roll spirit of the ’60s,” “the Baroque uniform of Versailles Paris,” the streamlined geometry of Mies Van Der Rohe’s, blahahrghalrahg? Definitely, like, a hundred kajillion times.

It’s enough to make you think we’ve seriously run out of sources of inspiration. But we haven’t! I've got some totally oRiGiNaL wellsprings from which to create the groundbreaking fashion collections of the future that will change the landscape more than a shoppable tech start-up ever could! Take that! Take that!

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