How 2000s Hip-Hop Influenced Today's Style Trends

MF Doom made it cool to use masks as a visual crutch.

MF Doom gained his now cult-like status around 2005. Even though he hit the scene with KMD in 1988, the rapper's prominence in the 2000s gave him underground notoriety. Adopting the look of Doctor Doom from The Fantastic Four comic, Doom sported a mask to shield himself from the reality of the hip-hop world.

While DOOM has laid back on public appearances, Kanye West revived the mask trend in hip-hop, wearing a crystal Maison Martin Margiela face to perform at Revel in Atlantic City. Does Yeezy listen to Doom? It's possible, and more than likely he has heard KMD. But Kanye is a man dealing with his own demons, too, so maybe he does have something to hide.

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