Aether apparel makes really high tech outerwear. This means weird ass fabrics with even weirder ass names and specifications that include the weight of the jacket in grams and various shit like that. As per you and me, it means really nice gear to protect us from inclement weather in between parking garages or subway stops. Anyways, the Aether crew gets to do amazing things in Aether gear that you would actually want to do, like riding motorcycles from mountain to mountain to go skiing and snowboarding. I’ve always fantasized about going on a trip like this, but then I realize it wouldn’t be nearly as easy or fun as it sounds. Your one friend would totally crash and delay the trip and when the cops showed up to the scene your other friend would get busted for the weed he was smuggling for the whole group and 3.5 days in you would realize Dave chews with his mouth open and that you don’t really enjoy skiing all that much in the first place. It's for these reasons that I enjoy watching other people’s epic adventures instead.