Admit it, you kind of laughed to yourself, or ultimately shook your head, when you found out that Trinidad James had a clothing line coming out. Then, we all saw when the all-gold rapper replaced his mug with Versace's Medusa logo, and people were either in awe, or thought the rapper was barking up the gold-leafed tree. But, it appears James is really serious about doing this whole clothing thing.

The rapper went to Instagram and posted several different snaps of new clothing on its way from his brand, Gold Gang, that really lives up its King Midas-like infatuation with the shiny metal—printing tees that feature the ace of spades along with all-over prints. There's even a "Jame$" jersey T-shirt.

It will be interesting to see if the streetwear world latches on to the rapper's designs, or if it goes down as just another rapper-owned clothing line.

[via Trinidad James]