Tourists and aspiring street artists are turning the Brooklyn Bridge into a gigantic canvas for dumb messages nobody cares about. The dedications are written in English, Chinese, Spanish and other languages. According to DNA Info, most messages are valentines to the city or writings memorializing dates that people made trips to the bridge, which is something only people who don't live in New York do so we're going to assume most people tagging the bridge aren't natives.

Many people who are walking across the promenade are stopping to take pictures and leaving their pointless, illegal messages on the city landmark. Couples will write their names in hearts to symbolize their love. Someone even wrote the 'I heart NY' message on the bridge, which has so much irony it kills. The messages can only be removed with paint jobs and power scrubs. Somebody will eventually have to do that.

"That's terrible to do that," said Brooklyn historian Ron Schweiger. "To do it on the plaques, that's out and out vandalism… I don't know if it's preventable, even if you have a camera on the walkway."

[via DNAInfo]