It's none other than the Lord of Prestigiousness, Skip Class, back up on Da Pins to serve up more of these exquisite lifestyle scriptures. Be prepared to get your cranium cracked with the realness that is about to follow cause ya boy is on one as we speak. I came down with some crazy flu virus that has me looking like a Madonna album cover before 47 different designers Photoshop it into a digital airbrush tee.

Imma rally like Mike in the 4th quarter for y'all cause the following commandments just might save your social life one day. Today we're talking about thirst aka THE THIRST. These 10 bullets are served up on some biblical flows because I am that confident that this shit is probably actual ass scripture. Full disclosure: Even I have fallen off the thirst wagon once or twice. I've done some simp shit that was not the ill look, but that's exactly what makes this list proper. Experience. Iron sharpens iron and other fortune cookie Wiz Khlaifa corny inspirational stuff dude tweets or whatever.

I also tapped into my distinguished panel of babes to help compile a highly accurate representation of real life thirst examples and got their recommendations on how to appear fully quenched and never embarassingly parched. Even on wild amounts of Dayquil and coffee I'm prepared to open your mind and break down the numerous levels to this thirst shit. Follow close.

Skip Class is a writer living in Seattle. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.