8. Barry McGee


When Barry McGee was given this prime space along a Boston highway as part of his show at the ICA Boston, he could have painted a giant TWIST logo. After all, that's what he writes when he writes graffiti. Instead, McGee painted the names AMAZE and OKER. AMAZE is his assistant, a younger man who stayed more active on the street after McGee went into semi-retirement. OKER is a British writer currently serving a prison sentence for graffiti. However, much like OKER's work, I don't think it's likely that he'll have a show at the ICA Boston anytime soon, so I love that McGee took this opportunity to put OKER up in an act of solidarity and in acknowledgment that OKER and AMAZE have both been more active than him on the street in recent years. The mural fits in well with the much smaller graffiti that lines the other walls around the highway.

photos by Geoff Hargadon