21. MOMO

Location: Girona, Spain

I can never tell if MOMO is really old school or super cutting-edge with his style. I guess all trends come and go in cycles, so maybe he's both. With this mural, he painted a wall that most artists would never be okay with. It's not flat enough. But for MOMO's work, I think the patterned wall adds to the piece. It's not common that this is a positive attribute of a mural, but the piece looks like it could be finished or maybe just half-finished. MOMO left me hoping for more on the wall, but that's a lot better than overworking it and overpowering the space. Instead, I look at this mural and sense some ideal of what it could be if it were filled out a bit more. It's a strange feeling to get from a mural.

photos by Boris Hoppek