Runway shows can be full of shocking moments like the occasional model spill or nip-slip. But at Dolce & Gabbana's spring 2014 runway show at Milan Fashion Week this past weekend, something even crazier happened.

With looming jail time hanging over the Italian design duo's heads, we're sure that having a streaker at their runway show was the last thing they wanted to happen. But it occurred, and it was awesome. When the designers came to take their courteous bow at the end of the show, a naked man wearing only a pair of ASICS Gel Lyte sneakers, ran across the stage exposing himself to the onlookers and the Internet.

The guy was described as going "full freeball" by GQ associate fashion editor Matt Serba. Unfortunately, we can't show you the image, but click here to see the madness that happened. We're sure this will go down as one of the most ratchet moments in fashion history.

[via GQ]