These days, J. Cole has more than just a dollar and a dream. The North Carolina rapper just released his sophomore album, Born Sinner, sold an impressive 297,992 units in the first week, and wrapped up his 10-city Dollar & A Dream Tour. What's more, he also just wore this $700 Givenchy Madonna print T-Shirt in Houston a few days ago. 

The rapper performed in front of hundreds of fans in a packed venue wearing one of Riccardo Tisci's designs from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection. J. Cole's style isn't particularly built around designer clothing. However, every now and again, he does pull out a Comme des Garçons T-Shirt or, as he did on NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, a ClothSurgeon leather patchwork sweater. At times, the label of choice is Givenchy. Believe us when we tell you, light-skinned Jermaine is more stylish than you think

If you have a few hundred dollars to spare, head over to Mr Porter to add Cole's tee to your wardrobe.