Hotel President Wilson is a hotel named after a U.S. president, located in Geneva, Switzerland. Creators of the establishment chose to honor President Woodrow Wilson for his efforts for promoting the League of Nations, which led to the end of the first World War. For celebrating such achievements, the hotel, built in 1962, located five minutes from the UN building, was appropriately designed to be one of the most luxurious places to stay in the world.

The Royal Penthouse Suite, located at the top of the hotel, spans across the entire eighth floor as a 12-bed, 12-bath guestroom. For one night, the suite will cost you a minimum of $65,000, which is probably way over a year's worth of rent for many of us. Accommodations include a private terrace, private elevator, billiards table, library, Steinway grand piano, fitness room, and the best views of the surrounding Alps and Lake Geneva you can ever imagine. Included appliances are also top-notch, with a Nespresso coffee machine and 103-inch Bang & Olufsen flatscreen TV. The two dining areas can seat up to 26 and 16 people each, while throughout your entire stay a personal assistant, butler, and chef are on call 24 hours. If your wealth causes concerns for your safety, the suite is protected with panic buttons throughout, as well as being encased in bulletproof windows. While everything sounds perfectly prepared for your pampering, the only real problem with staying in the Penthouse suite is that you may never leave the room and will not get to experience Geneva at all.

[via Bornrich]