RAW is a great skate brand, but the company's latest collection of tees has nothing to do with shredding in New England. It's way more gnarly than that. The brand has hooked up once again with artist Jonah Miller, and this time Miller is fascinated with military vehicles such as tanks, helicopters, Jeeps, and jets—all which are drawn in sketches and placed on simple white, black, or gray T-shirts.

The subject matter is so complicated that it's better off if the clothes are simple. Even if you don't want to make a political statement, which the tees are, the military motif fits in perfectly with camo pants that East Coast skateboarders are known for. If you're not down with doing destruction to the world, and just want to wax up a ledge or skate down a cracked street, grab these tees from RAW's webshop.

[via RAW]

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