Opera Gallery London will be holding an exhibition entitled The Many Faces of David Bowie from June 21 to August 31. Similar to the immensely successful show David Bowie is at the Victoria and Albert Museum, also in London, Opera Gallery will show off artworks dedicated to the legendary singer. The group show will have paintings, sculptures, and multimedia art.

The show recontextualizes Bowie into modern times through the lenses of some of the best contemporary artists in the U.K., such as: Mr. Brainwash, Joe Black, Eduardo Guelfenbein, Nick Gentry, Marco Lodola, and The London Police.

Director of Opera Gallery London, Jean-David Malat said about Bowie: “David Bowie is an incredible ‘icon’; a term to be understood as an idol but also in the ancient Greek notion of eikōn meaning "image" or even religious work of art. It is clear to see that he has influenced many lives, and every artist involved was proud to create a piece in his honour.”

[via OperaGallery]