Here's a lesson for everyone that you should always try to leave a job on good terms, even as therapeutic as it may feel to throw up two fingers as you exit the building. You can learn a great deal from what's going on between Nicolas Ghesquière and his former employer, Balenciaga.

The brand's former creative director, Ghesquière, is rumored to be in the process of being sued by Kering, the conglomerate that owns the fashion house, Telegraph reports. The situation stems from an interview that Ghesquière gave to System magazine, where Kering claims Ghesquière broke a confidentiality agreement. Maybe it had something to with the designer saying, "I began to feel as though I was being sucked dry, like they wanted to steal my identity while trying to homogenise things,"?

It's a great possibility that things were going poorly before Ghesquière left the fashion house. But it's not the end of the world; he's in-line to replace Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton. Once again, supposedly. Let's see how all this shakes out.

[via Telegraph]