Francesco Bonami is a New York-based curator who is responsible for the 2003 Venice Biennale, the 2010 Whitney Biennial and currently “Maurizio Cattelan: Kaputt” in Basel, Switzerland. Artsy Editorial recently interviewed Bonami and he shared some surprising sentiments. Basically he talked smack about Ai Weiwei.

Near the end of the interview, they talked about Ai who happens to have an exhibit in Venice showcasing his 2011 political work dioramas. Bonami then began throwing shade. Read below:

MC: Were there any pavilions or collateral events [in Venice] that you were surprised by, in a good or not good way?

FB: I hate Ai Weiwei. I think he should be put in jail for his art, and not for his dissidence … lukewarm dissidence, because a real dissident, you don’t hear about them any longer, you know? They just throw away the keys.

MC: And you don’t think he’s helping “real” dissidents?

FB: I don’t think he’s helped the real dissidents, and I think he exploits his dissidence in favor of promoting his art.

Wow, that's intense. He also talks about his long history of correspondence with Maurizio Cattelan. See the full interview here.

[via Artsy]

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