HW Carter and Sons just got a grip of Junya Watanabe in and shot a quick little lookbook featuring all of the gears. I have a Junya jacket and anorak and whenever I wear them my friends are like, “Damn, that’s a nice jacket. Where’d you get it?” I tell them it’s Junya and after a quick Google search on their phone, I can see them judging me for how much I paid for it. I feel their judging eyes, asking themselves how the person in front of them can justify such an insane financial decision and how my mentality is the mentality that underscored the financial crisis we're still still dealing with. SO FUCKING WHAT? I’D RATHER BE MC HAMMER AND HAVE BLOWN SEVERAL MILLION DOLLARS THAN BE THE GUY WHO STILL WORKS AT COSTCO AFTER WINNING THE LOTTERY. GO HANG OUT AT OLD NAVY.