Matthew Williams is low-key one of the most influential people right now—not just in New York City streetwear, but in the collective fashion scene. From his work with Supreme and Lady Gaga to DJing and designing snapbacks and T-shirts with Been Trill, Williams is at the center of everything exciting at the moment.

Thugpop Magazine interviewed Williams not just about current and upcoming projects, but about his jet-setter lifestyle. He shares everything from the most interesting city he has ever visited to how he felt like an outcast growing up.

Take a look at Williams' work and it's no surprise that his inspirations in life are diverse. "I did a lot of art classes, I was really into rap music at the time, so I would listen to rap music all the time and do ceramics," Williams laughingly recalled.

But it's this intersection that's given Williams the opportunity to intersect high-end fashion with the grittiness of a graphic T-shirt. "It's this new vanguard that blends high taste level with the streets, with current music and there's no sexuality boundary," Williams said. "It's like gay-straight, fashion-thug, Britney Spears to DMX, and it's still relevant and cool."

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[via Thugpop Magazine]