Flow (or The Cry of the Leviathan) is an art installation by Parisian artist Baptiste Debombourg that featured hundreds of reclaimed windshields shaped to form a gigantic wave that filled an entire room at The Eye of Fish Production Center and Stream Art Actuel. The piece was made to be walked on and visitors got to experience the sound of crunching glass beneath their feet and see the patterns that the glare of the gallery lights made on the walls.

The artist is fascinated by the idea of an apocalyptic wave and the destruction it would cause. He said that the broken windshields in his installation "surge up like the wave that engulfs towns in catastrophic films...They are broken, discarded, ignored objects that take the place by storm, rebel and attack us." The alternate title refers to the Biblical creature of the sea that threatened to bring destruction to the land. Using discarded man-made materials draws a parallel between humankind and the Leviathan, suggesting that we are the threat to the planet.

Here is a video of the artist talking about the piece (It's in French so either learn the language or mute it and enjoy the closer look at the installation:

[via MyModernMet]

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