Let's be very clear: Mark McNairy's clothing is not for the faint of heart, as he makes explicitly clear with a T-shirt that proclaims "This Machine Kills Dullards," an awesome reference to the sticker on Woody Guthrie's guitar that claimed to dole the same fate to fascists. Dullards would never wear clothes from the designer who implores his fans to "Be Nasty," and that definitely remains true for his Spring Summer 2014 collection.

McNairy calmly collected a slew accolades throughout the past few years for his designs that did not prescribe to any set rules or precedence. And if you thought that his IDGAF attitude and creations were an artificial construction that was propagated by those who celebrated his mashing together of menswear and streetwear, then you've clearly never hung out with the guy.

That philosophy is alive and well, as previewed in this glimpse of his upcoming collection. The man who made camo a mainstay knows to stick with a good thing, but has added in vibrant colors, leafy florals, and bright rubber duckies. McNasty doesn't ever have abstract inspirations, but gets his design cues from everyday observations. We wouldn't be surprised if the rubber duckie idea came while giving his son a bath. Also, acid camo sweatpants. That is all.