Artist Lisa Park was raised in Seoul, Korea, but is now based in New York, and creates art that deals with themes of "vulnerability, confrontation, suspension, self-control, and liberation." For her performance titled "Eunoia", Park focused on her thoughts as her brainwaves, detected by the EEG sensor she wore, caused vibrations to occur on water. The artist sat encircled by five pans of water that were each placed on top of a speaker, representing the emotions of sadness, hatred, anger, desire, and happiness. When the EEG sensor detected Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, and Theta frequencies from Park's brain, the respective pools of water would vibrate, and create a deep and reverberating sound while ripples splashed across the surface.

The title "Eunoia" is derived from the Greek words "ey," meaning well, and "nous," meaning mind, and collectively refers to "beautiful thinking." While thoughts are mostly invisible unless physically expressed, Park's performance provides a new look into the power of our brains.

Watch parts of the work here:

[via PSFK]