Nestle into your favorite dive bar on a Tuesday evening and you're bound to hear a variety of topics being discussed, but one consistent theme is prevalent amongst most folks: how much they hate their jobs. If you hear someone complaining about their work load, how much their boss is a jerk, or just having to wake up in the morning in general, there's a high probability that they work in the fashion industry.

WWD reports on a new study that shows that only 48 percent of people who work in the fashion industry are currently satisfied with their jobs with 86 percent who were interested in new opportunities. And it should come as no surprise. If you pay any attention to the stories we post, there are constant rumblings of people getting fired, quitting their jobs, or those who are rumored to be out at their current post.

To outsiders, it might seem like a crazy notion that fashion industry people hate their work. There are legions of unpaid interns are aspiring college students that are chomping at the bit to get their foot into the fashion industry. So what gives? People who work in traditional fashion avenues have seen their jobs and work opportunities dwindle away, and are struggling to stay afloat in a world that favors e-commerce.

But there could a solution to it all: freelance. The study shows that people who freelance within the fashion industry genuinely like their jobs more. Maybe it's because they work on their own time and make their own rules? However, don't let these study discourage you if you really want to work in fashion. There are still plenty of people who love what they do, and if you hate your job, you're doing the wrong work anyways.

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