The NBA Draft is set to kickoff tonight, and while some future stars are polling the Internet and asking what they should wear for their big night, a certified NBA champion already knows what cap he's going to put on his head for the event. LeBron James posted an Instagram of two exclusive Just Don hats made for the event.

James took an image of a mostly-black cap and a white and red cap, both that feature Just Don's signature python brim and Givenchy-inspired stars along the crown of the caps.

This is the 10th anniversary of James being in the league, and he joked around about the hats he had to wear back then. "10 years ago to this date my dream came true! What a moment. Wish we had these hats though," the "King" said in the photo's text.

There's no word if these will hit retailers, or if they're simply a LeBron James-exclusive, but let's wait and see if any one else is spotted with these on their dome.

[via King James]