Kanye West has declared himself "Yeezus," the apparent god of the hip-hop world right now. But one fashion designer didn't want believe the rapper had free-will, or could make up his own mind about which fashion shows he wanted to attend.

West recently had an interview with W Magazine where he revealed his much-talked-about track "I Am a God" was actually inspired by a fashion designer who once told him, "no." Not that Yeezy couldn't attend the designer's show, but if he wanted to attend, he couldn't visit any other runway shows that week.

There's no word on which designer gave Kanye this snub, but we'll have to wait until the August issue of the publication hits the shelves (or the Internet) to find out all the dirt the dirty laundry that the rapper aired out. If it was anything like his New York Times interview, we're in for a treat.

[via WWD]