Future Kanye lyrics: "You gon' see fathers and daughters in Jordans."
Approximate price: $506, Flight Club; $45, Nike Store 

Of course Kanye's child can't be walking around in basic kicks. As soon as she's able, we imagine we'll be seeing his daughter taking her first steps in Jordan 1s. Her dad's been rocking the Banned Red/Black colorway all over stylish Parisian streets, and there's no better (or more literal) way for his progeny to follow in his footsteps. Every sneakerhead knows it never hurts to have multiple pairs, so ante-up and get two: one for him, one for his kid. The other possibility? Custom toddler-sized Yeezys for his kid. There are mini, handpainted replicas, but we wouldn't be surprised if Nike hooks up 'Ye with a few limited-edition pairs.