Future Kanye lyrics: "I told y'all I 'buy any jeans necessary' / Black leather, washed denim: dad jeans necessary."
Approximate price: $1,450, Ssense

Kanye and Balmain jeans go way back. He wore the jeans when Virgil launched PYREX Vision and also when he infamously stole the spotlight from Taylor Swift. Washed denim jeans have long been associated with fuddy-duddy dad style, but recently there have been a grip available in great fits made out of awesome fabrics. Lucky for Kanye these Balmain Reinforced Distressed Biker Jeans are built with extra panels so they don't rip while carrying the baby, and they're also made in Japan for that extra street cred. They'll be good pinch-hitters for his black leather jeans—he doesn't want the baby to throw up on those, after all.