The Complete History of Kanye West's Brand References in Lyrics

Additional Brands


Total mentions: 2

Lyric: "Hit the track, get the C.R.E.A.M., same story, yo / Trick that on Armani Emporium / It's more important, though"
Song: "I Still Love H.E.R. feat. Kanye West" 
Album: Teriyaki Boyz' Serious Japanese

Lyric: "You just look stupid to be ignorin' the DeLorean / Parked in front of Armani Emporium"
Song: "Diamonds (Remix) feat. Kanye West" 
Album: Unapologetic


Total mentions: 1

Lyric: "It's ironic and whatnot / How I put no ice on the Bulgari watch"
Song: "A Million and One" 
Album: The Graduate Mixtape


Total mentions: 2

Lyric: "You sweat her and I ain't talkin 'bout Coogi"
Song: "Gone" 
Album: Late Registration

Lyric: "Stuntin' in our high-top Louies, shorts is the Coogis"
Song: "Runaway Love (Remix)" 
Album: G.O.O.D. Fridays


Total mentions: 1

Lyric: "Shorty got a man watch, wrist look colossal / I admit my first watch was a Fossil"
Song: "See Me Now" 
Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Hugo Boss

Total mentions: 1

Lyric: "The fur is Hermès, shit that you don't floss / The Goyard so hard man, I'm Hugo's boss"
Song: "The Glory" 
Album: Graduation


Total mentions: 1

Lyric: "It's the Hard Knock Life Tour, sellout / Picture us in the mall, coppin' Iceberg and yell out 'Jigga'"
Song: "Big Brother" 
Album: Graduation

Karl Lagerfeld

Total mentions: 1

Lyric: "I just took your whole life and redesigned it / I think I'm Marc Jacobs, I think I'm Lagerfeld"
Song: "Blazin'" 
Album: Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday

Sergio Tacchini

Total mentions: 1

Lyric: "End up at Marni, Giorgi, and service from Sergio Tacchini"
Song: "See Me Now" 
Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy


Total mentions: 1

Lyric: "But as a shorty I looked up to the dopeman / Only adult man I knew that wasn't broke, man / Flicking Starter coats, man / Man, you don't know, man"
Song: "We Don't Care" 
Album: The College Dropout

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