Paris Fashion Week presented looks that even the most fashion-forward folks would find challenging to wear. Amongst the barrage of prints and patterns, Junya Watanabe silently presented the week's best show.

The Japanese designer, who studied under Comme des Garçons' Rei Kawakubo, utilized his patchwork tendencies in a collection of Americana-inspired field jackets that standout through their usage of details. There are traditional tan options, but there are also oxford blues and bright reds for those who don't actually spend their time in the woods.

Also included in the collection are bags from German brand Seil Marschall, a company that has been making its product since 1896; complementing the jackets as the models made their way down the artificial turf runway.

It's not just the simplicity of the collection that is refreshing, it's how much you can envision yourself in every one of these pieces—sans the capri pants and fedoras. Once known for his eccentric approach to design, Watanabe has reined his assertion to make clothes more dangerous, and, in turn, created a solid collection from top-to-bottom.

There's even a Hawaiian floral shirt mixed into the pieces that look more at home in a hunting lodge, but it's not the forced use of floral that we've seen from other brands. It's just a vacation shirt you should have in your wardrobe.

[via Style]