For their fifth exhibition at 303 Gallery in New York City, siblings Jane and Louise Wilson combine, for the first time, their H Bomb test lab installations and their 'Atomgrad' photography. The aluminum cast sculptures ("Blind Landing" Lab 1 and Lab 4, 2012) were installed at the former test labs for Hydrogen bombs on an island of the Suffolk Coast in Great Britain. The 'Atomgrad' photographs (Atom City) depict the destruction of Pripyat City, the housing site for Chernobyl workers in the early 1970s.

Both the sculptures and photographs utilize yardsticks, wooden and aluminum cast, to "signal a desire to make conscious the act of entering and photographing these spaces...the yardsticks (a means of measurement now fallen into disuse, much like the buildings themselves) play with memory on material fact, on that which had been recorded, measured, articulated and analyzed, for levels of radiation." 

For more information on this exhibition, visit the 303 Gallery website and go see these great works now until August 2.

303 Gallery
507 W 24th Street
New York, NY

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