Everything Inventory sells is over-the-top expensive, but that doesn't stop us from occasionally perusing through the e-commerce shop. And, like most quality retailers, it loves its customers enough to give them a much-needed break once in a while. Especially when summer rolls around, and you'll want to look great everyday, but want some extra cash in your pocket to have a little fun.

The shop is hosting a pretty hefty sale right now, and you'll be able to get your fall style on-lock—or simply capture the one investment piece you've had your eyes on for months. You'll see pieces from Engineered Garments, Mt. Rainier Design, Beams Plus, Yuketen, Nigel Cabourn, The Real McCoy's, and more. Sure, all of these pieces still cost more than you'd like to normally pay, but they're sure to get plenty of wear, and might be the only jacket or denim shirt you'll have to purchase this decade. That kind of pays for its self, doesn't it? Click here to shop the sale.