Remember when I said I wouldn’t talk about bucket hats for a while? WELL, I OBVIOUSLY FORGOT THAT THE CORNER WAS SELLING GUCCI BUCKETS. If I have to explain Gucci bucket hats to you, I doubt that you are capable of enjoying life in general. You probably don’t even enjoy sunshine, do you? I know that last bit doesn't make much sense because, like, lots of people wear bucket hats to hide from the sun, but you know what I mean. What can you do with a murdered out Gucci bucket hat? You can sell drugs. You can get robbed waiting for public transportation. You can even eat at Chipotle while making silly faces at the adorable baby sitting two booths down from you. I’m just saying, a black bucket hat with an all-over Gucci print is just gauche enough to be cool, referential and classy all wrapped into one piece of consumerist culture.