Use HTML Instead of Flash

Flash is cute. Really, if you want to be cute—go for it. But functional? Not so much. Flash sucks for a few reasons: it's slow, it doesn't render if you haven't updated that shit yet (again), and it doesn't show up on some mobile devices.

So, if you've got a potentially important person trying to see your hard work on the go (as so many of us often are), you might be out of luck, boo. Whoops?

HTML is easily translatable across all platforms and loads faster. If you want that photo editor or ad exec or that girl you're crushing on to understand your splendor quick-fast, get with HTML.

Consider using Indexhibit as a site platform—super easy to use framework that will cost you about $30 to get and a little CSS and HTML loving to spruce up. 4ormat is another good one I've been seeing.

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