Sequence by Color

When deciding how to sequence photos, there are many factors—one is color. Positioning photos with clashing colors and tones next to each other looks and feels chaotic—don't do it. Unless chaos is your thin, then do you.

Instead, place photos next to each other based on similar colors, tones, contrast, and lighting. It will create for a smoother viewing experience.

Hopefully, all your photos won't have the exact same attributes, though. With that in mind, pick transitional photos. For instance, a medium contrast photo could work well when transitioning from a glowier, soft light photo to a hard contrast photo. Or if you're placing a lot of bluish photos next to each other and need to move into green, look to see if you have a bluish green photo you can place in the middle to transition. If you need to switch up the colors more than that, opt for a complementary color and at a similar saturation/tone so that you're not being abrupt.

The right black and white can also be a useful transition photograph when having trouble switching between colors.

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