The only thing that sucks more than having your girlfriend cheat on you, is realizing you're dating a woman who wears Banana Republic. But, according to a recent study, it's probably the case. Ashley Madison, a website dedicated to those seeking out extra-marital affairs, surveyed more than 52,000 women and found out their favorite clothing brand is Banana Republic, followed by J.Crew.

Now, fellas, if your lady has been dressing like an innocent soccer mom with aspirations to maybe one day move to the Upper East Side, she might not really be just your lady, sorry.

Also included on the list was Lululemon, the brand that became infamous for its too-sheer yoga pants that prompted a recall earlier this year.

Now, we're not saying if your signifcant other likes mall-brand clothing, she's definitelty unfaithful, but if she goes to the gym in a cardigan and capris, only to change into yoga pants, it might be time to move on.

[via Fashionista]