Many people might remember that sketchy character in T.V. or the movies selling a grip of fake watches out of his jacket. You know, the guy who whispers over prospective buyers and shows them a trench coat lined with counterfeit goods. Well, For The Homies took that recognizable shady back alley salesman style and incorporated it into this cool M-65 jacket. It looks normal on the outside, but open it up and this outerwear is full of surprises.

Just like the sketchy dude with the weak sales pitch, this jacket offers a lining that features an all-over print of Rolex watches. Taped seams keep all the water out making the jacket waterproof. And the one last surprise is its fully packable feature. There are a lot of M-65 jacket options out there, but do any of them turn in to a tote? Cop the jacket now on the For The Homies website.

[via streething]