Shopping on eBay is super easy, but it's also frustrating. You're constantly competing against the world's other steeziest men to come-up on hard-to-find swagger on the low. But the sell-everything Internet site is about to make your out-bid-everyone itch a little easier to scratch.

eBay is installing "shoppable windows" in New York City that give shoppers a more interactive experience with the e-commerce site. However, the windows don't contain actual merchandise—instead, shoppers can will be greeted by a massive screen that's placed there for their bidding needs.

This can become especially helpful if you're phone is about to die or you don't want to run-up your data plan, because you need the latest Supreme drop that you missed or 1950s Woolrich jacket. It happens.

Also, expect eBay to place these shoppable windows in already-exisiting retailer's stores. Most companies have much smaller retail spaces than merchandise that they sell. But now, you'll be able to peruse through the brand's complete offerings without an hassle. Sounds like you'll get fresher by the bid.

[via Business of Fashion]