Seattle might not be known as a fashion capital, but in the ‘90s the city was setting style trends that everyone wanted to rock. While the whole grunge look might be over, the movement is still influencing streetwear today in some form or another. Black Scale is tapping into the city’s grunge roots for its latest pop-up collection in collaboration with Seattle-based skate shop Alive & Well.

Officially called the BLVCK SEV collection there are T-shirts, a cap, and skate decks that make up the collaboration. The collection also features an image of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain—the most visible figure in the grunge scene—taken by photographer Charles Peterson. If you’re looking for plaid items and an unkempt sense of style, you won’t find that here. An accompanying video was also shot by Avi Loud for another look at the collaboration. Check the video out below and mark your calendars. The pieces drop June 15 at Alive & Well in Seattle Washington and online at

[via Black Scale]