It’s rare for a brand to reach the same success En Noir has found in just over a year. But with plenty of big name co-signs, the brand’s luxe leather sweatpants and black aesthetic was too hard to ignore. Barneys NY recently sat down with the “Youngest American designer on designer floor of Barneys” Rob Garcia, and the rest of the En Noir team which includes Jason Wolter (Sales Director), CurT@!n$ (Brand Director), and Mike Camargo (Creative Director).

The interview discusses the brand’s roots in streetwear, a fearless customer base who’s not afraid to take style risks, and staying authentic in order to flourish. So far the brand’s formula has been working and now you can find them in plenty of retail doors compared to a year before. Check out this seasons collection now including BMX-inspired leather sweatpants Chicago Bulls-inspired shorts at Barneys NY.

[via Barneys NY]