If you're reading this, you probably don't shop at Banana Republic. Sure, maybe you've swung through and picked up an extra, extra-discounted button-up shirt because you had a function to attend. Or maybe you wanted to look as cool as Don Draper and picked up a Mad Men suit. But then again, probably not. However, did you know that the brand (pre-Gap ownership) used to be something out of Jumanji—animals running down Keene, NH streets and all?

That's right. Banana Republic used to be a safari-themed brand; selling leather jackets, bucket hats, and survival vests that would definitely get some love into today's hip-hop style. Alas, those days are gone, but the good folks at Put This On unearthed some of the brand's vintage catalogs and snapped images of how awesome the clothes used to be. The brand looks to be more akin to J. Peterman (yes, it's a real brand outside of Seinfeld) than its current mall-brand incantation. Click here to see more images and take an even further dive back into BR's archives.

[via Put This On]