Did you guys know Thom Browne makes glasses? I mean, you probably did because you assholes spend too much time knowing about things you can never have. Don't you guys think it would be funny if these glasses had similar shrunken proportions to his suits? Probably not. Back to more important matters. Does your insurance cover $650 glasses? Like, what’s the co-pay on this shit? Confession: I used to wear contacts all the time because I’m vain, but then I fell asleep with them still in too many times and I got freaked out because a friend of mine got a crazy eye infection from doing the same shit. I switched to wearing glasses, but I'm too poor to buy an Illuminati style pair like these and too proud to buy wack ass fake Moscots, so I got these weird ones from Adidas. I'm pretty upset over the whole thing because they're not as cool as Sambas.