Melbourne and Sydney based retail collective Incu have just commenced their half yearly sale to signal the start of the Australian winter proper. You’ll find many of the usual suspects on very deep discount, but it’s the brands like Vanishing Elephant, Tailfeather and Libertine Libertine that you wannabe influencers should be feeling on. Your #menswear archnemesis is going to be wildly pissed off when you pull the "got it from overseas" number on him and because he’s inferior—and probably doesn’t read Four Pins—he’s not going to realize that "overseas" means "on my fucking Macbook."

Australian designers have a natural flair when it comes to casual wear, hybridizing the country’s laidback lifestyle with athletic influences like surfing and competitive toking. To be honest I don’t know if any of that’s actually true, but with 14 pages of sales product you’re should to find something that vaguely matches my lackadaisical writing.