Taking leather and making it (somewhat) accessible and wearable for the average streetwear or hip-hop head is the definitive trend that outlines today's style. But it can be tricky. Leather sweats are a cozy take on gear that might be best resigned for bikers or heavy metal singers, however brands like Au Courant PARIS are ready to bring high-quality street goth gear in at a price-point that you can (almost) afford.

It's no secret that lambskin pants, shorts, and T-shirts are really, really expensive, but think of it as not just an investment, but a one-time purchase. Au Courant has just dropped a handful of pieces that will keep you on trend and spending way under $1000. There are a couple of pants options, a too-trill backpack, leather shorts and T-shirts, and even short-sleeve sweatshirts and sweatshorts. 

The great thing about the all-black look is it doesn't go out of season. You will literally be able to wear this gear year-round if need be. If you want simplify your wardrobe, check out the brand's website to pick some of these garments.