Shea Serrano

When I joined Tumblr: I created Bun B's Jumbo Coloring & Rap Activity Tumblr in October 2012.

How I believe Tumblr has helped my career: Mostly, I think it helped me avoid having to write a book proposal! Haha. Book proposals are not that much fun to work on, and Bun and I had designs from the beginning on getting the idea into print.

About a week or so after I started it, it went viral. Lots of very nice, very respectable people wrote very kind things about it. We were everywhere, from New York Magazine to XXL to the Washington Post to Vice to everywhere. It was neat to watch. It should be mentioned that the Tumblr people are fantastic. They watch everything and are very good about finding cool stuff. They helped promote us early on, too (infinity high-fives to Rachel F.). Once the Tumblr had legs, we started getting emails about publishing the book. About a month after it went up, we were working out a book deal. It was very neat.

Oh, also, I had the opportunity to do some art for places like Village Voice and Grantland and MTV and so on. So yeah, Tumblr's been all the way helpful.

My advice for artists on TumblrJust do what you like, I guess. Or, maybe better: Team up with a famous, beloved rapper. It makes getting noticed WAY easier.

My most reblogged post: The page we did for Drake got something like 12,000 reblogs.