Mr. Div

When I joined Tumblr: 2009

# of followers: 120,000+

How I believe Tumblr has helped my career: As a freelance motion graphics designer, the popularity of my Tumblr blog has had a HUGE impact on my career. It's been really amazing to have musicians, artists, and designers who I know and respect reach out to work with me on different projects. I mean, I got to design something for Daft Punk's album launch party last month —that was like my life's goal!

My advice for artists on Tumblr: Experimentation should always be at the core of any good artist's work, but one of the most useful things about Tumblr is the feedback loop of likes and reblogs. The relative popularity of your posts can help you pinpoint which aspects of your work people are connecting with and can help you further refine your style.

My most reblogged post: