Michael Manning

When I joined Tumblr: I joined in August 2010 and started posting work with Phone Arts a year later in 2011. I held off from joining for a really long time because I hated how most Tumblrs were really just massive lists of shitty re-blogs instead of people actually creating content. I finally joined because I wanted to post original content, and at the time, they easily had the best mobile app.

# of followers: 217,000+

How I believe Tumblr has helped my career: For basically the past two years I have only been making work that is series-based. I got to the point where I was never in front of my computer, and I wanted my work to reflect that. Fuck sitting in After Effects for three weeks straight to make video loops and GIFs that get 8 likes on Facebook; I'd rather make 50 sick phone paintings while I'm waiting in line at In-N-Out. Then I realized Tumblr was basically the perfect way to distribute that work.

My advice for artists on Tumblr: Make something every single day and don't put Monster Energy logos on your art.

My most reblogged post: This one has over 26,541 notes.