Jon Chonko

When I joined Tumblr: February 2009

# of followers: 100,000+

How I believe Tumblr has helped my career: It's made me more detail-focused and more methodical. Scanning sandwiches is not a quick and easy process. It can take hours for the hardest ones. There's a lot more styling, cleaning, and resetting than you might imagine. The process of making a sandwich, cutting, scanning it and cleaning the scanner afterwards to make it ready for the next scan has made me think more about the way I approach a project from start to finish. Before I used to just dive in and get my hands dirty. Now I take a moment to think about how I can conserve my energy and be the most efficient with my time.

My advice for artists on Tumblr: Be consistent. Scanwiches, I think, has been successful because people follow it knowing what they're going to get. They see variations on that theme that might be surprising, but they're never shocked or disappointed by a totally random post. I don't repost, I just publish original content, so it's a little different than the more curatorial Tumblrs out there. I can't do one thing well and keep it consistent to that type of Tumblr user. There's a lot more nuance to that than what I do.

My most reblogged post: Who doesn't love a Dagwood? There's something in there for everyone!