A.P.C. may have been the brand behind your first pair of raw denim, but it's time you start familiarizing yourself with their other offerings. The French label regularly puts out collections that embrace a minimal, clean aesthetic that won't fail at any time of the year, but looks particularly good in summer. Now is the time to get up to 50% off everything from shoes, shirts, sweaters, jackets, and trousers so you can keep up a relaxed and sophisticated appearance this summer.

One of the standout pieces available is a navy bomber jacket that will work well into the fall. Highlights also include polo shirts and button-downs in dusty, muted colors that will still stand out without making you look like an attention-whore. And don't forget the kicks that this sale is offering. If you haven't copped some warm-weather footwear yet, this is probably your best opportunity all season.

[via A.P.C.]