Stanley Donwood isn't a name you immediately recognize, but we bet you have seen his works. He is an artist and he has been creating all of Thom Yorke and Radiohead's posters and album covers, starting with The Bends. He also happens to be an old friend of Yorke, having both went to the same university. They also work on paintings together, one of which is going to be up for auction.

The painting is entitled Business School for the Dead (2005) that will be sold for the Make Poverty History campaign. Bonhams will be the auction house facilitating the sale, benefit ting the anti-poverty Trade Justice Movement. Estimates show that it will probably go for between $5,500 and $6,300. Yorke tweeted: "Hope someone in the financial industry buys this, what a novelty to have a painting at auction ha!"

[via Pitchfork]