To keep up with the growing niche culture, Tumblr creates a menswear hashtag, and enlists a few notable users to curate it. Among them, Lawrence Schlossman of How to Talk to Girls at Parties, Liam Goslett of GAWS, and Derek Guy of Die, Workwear! These guys champion brands like Ovadia & Sons, Isaia, and Boglioli, touting classic tailoring with a modern, European appeal. Double monk straps go from alternative footwear choice to a way to buy your membership into the club, and a look that's dressed up but unstructured comes into play.

This balance of casual, buttoned-up style with a slight Italian flair (like double-breasted sportcoats) becomes prevalent on the tag's page, and thus the "#menswear" movement—pronounced "hashtag menswear"—has its uniform. Tumblr's relationship with the fashion industry was legitimized in 2011, when then-fashion director Rich Tong sent 20 of its most popular users to cover New York Fashion Week. Schlossman and Goslett were among the initial group of menswear bloggers.