On 2011's LiveLoveA$AP mixtape, Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky drops the line Clothes get weirder on the song "Wassup." It's prophetic in a way. The #BEEN #TRILL collective headed by guys like Matthew Williams and Virgil Abloh goes from a Tumblr to a T-shirt line decking out the denizens of Milk Studios, a New York Fashion Week hub of big-name shows and exclusive parties. They go on to collaborate with Stussy and another up-and-coming fashion label, Hood By Air. Abloh's own PYREX Vision is heavily publicized on his Tumblr. Despite mixed reaction to the price of the clothes versus their quality, the line still becomes covetable, with pieces selling out instantly at RSVP Gallery. Meanwhile, streetwear's satirical relationship with high fashion comes back in full force. Brands like SSUR, Les Plus Dores and Conflict of Interest reintroduce the logo flip into the casual vernacular. Streetwear goes dark, with gothic imagery and exaggerated proportions creating the "street goth" look, a combination of brands like Black Scale with higher-end designers like Raf Simons and RIck Owens.