Zaha Hadid has conquered the architecture world. She has won many awards and was included by both Forbes and Time magazine in their lists of the 100 most influential people internationally. What's next? Well, the 62-year-old architect recently opened her seventh company under her brand.

The Zaha Hadid Design Gallery is a comprehensive display of Hadid's ventures into the furniture world. It's located on Clerkenwell Road in east London and has young aspiring designers pressing their noses against the glass like it's a toy store at Christmas time. The ground-floor shop displays for groups by appointment her large sofas and side tables that sport undulating shapes, similar to her architecture.

Hadid's furniture pieces have actually garnered attention, perhaps not like her architecture but put it this way: she could buy a house with the sale of one of her pieces. A prototype of the Aqua Table, a work derivative of her London Olympic aquatics centre, was sold at a New York auction for $296,000. As expected, the pieces are not cheap.

More into the building is the real showstopper of the store. Hadid has on display an archive of architectural models she has developed over the past 30 years. For the first time, visitors can see relics such as hand-cut representations to her newest 3D-printed explorations.

[via Guardian]